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DBA-300 Automatic, Side Seal

Features & Specification

? This machine is specially designed for packing large-sized articles(like air conditioners,refrigerators, motorcycles,etc.). A transfer line and an electric eye unit are connected to the front and rear of the machine respectively to make the binding process fully automated or run


in a completely unmanned manner ? The workbench height can be adjusted according to the transfer line ? Style of binding:Manual and foot switches;single- and multiple-strip parallel binding or free selection from 1 strip to 4 strips via automatic photoelectric control

DBA-300 Automatic, Side Seal


DimensionW1610 x D625 x H1840mm(arch W600 x H1450)
Net weightNet.225kgs
Shipping weight300kgs
Strap widthPolypropylene Width;9,10,12,13.5,15.5,19mm
Power0.85KVA 1ph, 100V-240V, 50/60Hz;3ph, 380V,50/60Hz
Speed2.5sec/min.a cycle(arch W1450 x H600)
PackageHeavy package with conveyer
Arch size